Who Owns Your Seed Company?

Hey Folks,
I used to have a list here that I found by searching on Google but many have complained that it is old or false info. I am removing the list and suggest that you research your own seed company before you place your order. I order from High Mowing Organic Seeds in VT and Botanical Interests. They have great products, organic seeds, and good customer service.

3 thoughts on “Who Owns Your Seed Company?

  1. Hello, I work for Territorial Seed Company and I can assure you that we are not owned by Monsanto. This is a false rumor that has been circulated on many blogs. Territorial Seed Company is and has always been a family owned and operated company. I encourage you to thoroughly research a subject before posting potentially detrimental, false information.

  2. Great list! I saw Food Inc a few months ago I got so aggitated at Monsanto’s control of the seed market I almost lost my mind.

    We are about to put our seed order in for this season and I really want to vote with my dollars. One exeption to the list is Johnny’s, they are not owned by Monsanto. I believe the statement on their website.


    Look forward to every post, thanks for sharing.

  3. I appreciate your attention the the very important matter of who owns your seed company. I am very familier with these issues as I own one of the seed companies on yor “safe” list. Most of the companies on the first part of your list are not owned by Monsanto and some are even part of the fight against them. Sometimes incorrect information can be found and spread online so I wanted to make sure that you had some info direct from a source. Perhaps we can catch up and compare notes so that gardeners can have as much info about which companies they should avoid if they don’t want to support Monsanto. BTW, my company just won a sugar beet lawsuit against the USDA and Monsanto, and with an anti-trust lawsuit looming, perhaps we will see some big changes. Let’s certainly hope so.

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