Cold House Gardening

A Cold House is a greenhouse that relies only on solar energy to create heat. We built our Cold House last summer with four season gardening in mind. In the fall we planted arugula and spinach. We ate that through December and then it stopped growing for the bitter cold months of January and February. Today, we noticed it has begun to grow again and is doing quite well.

Luke and I weeded out the spinach and arugula:

We decided to experiment with early plantings of more spinach, arugula, and radish. So we went to work and prepped the bed:

We saved the seeds from our summer arugula last year. Here is Luke planting those seeds:

I am “tucking in the seeds” or pressing the soil around them:


Watering in our new seeds:

The temperature in the Cold House on this early March day is approximately 53 F. It was about 20 degrees cooler outside, and much more windy.

We had fun getting our hands dirty!

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