What Sets Pizza Apart From The Crowd

On average, a typical American eats about 48 slices of pizza every single year. You might find this hard to believe, but when you consider how many pizzerias there are in your local area, it will start to make sense. Think about this the next time a delivery drive brings you some pizza.

When you do the math, that is about one slice of pizza every week. The US is home to a massive number of pizzerias – over 61,000 to be exact. Think about the hundreds of thousands of pizza boxes that are delivered to hungry consumers. Why are there always so many pizza makers for sale? The people who make pizza, of course.

Big Pizzas

Another neat fact – the largest pizza ever made was roughly the size of a retail outlet parking lot. It contains about 10 thousand pounds of flour and was very difficult to eat because it required millions of people and bugs to eat it. Did you know that most people eat pizza on a Saturday night?

According to recent research, scientists believe that eating pizza is a great way to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers. The majority of the cheese production in the United States consists of mozzarella. Over 10 percent of all food sales in the US consist of pizza.

There is a man in the US who can make about 14 whole pizzas every two and a half minutes. There is nobody else who can make pizza faster than him. Over half of all Americans prefer to add meat toppings to their pizza while 38 percent are vegetable lovers.

Either way you look at it, Americans sure do love their pizza. Although it’s quite weird, a large portion of Americans consider pizza to be a great breakfast. Take that parents!